Tahoe Yacht Cruises Directions - Tahoe Yacht Cruises


Tahoe Yacht Cruises and Legend are located at 2435 Venice Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA (click the address for specific directions). Navigation sometimes sends guests to the wrong parking lot, go all the way to the end of Venice Drive into the main marina parking lot. Do NOT park in the spots designated for the Fresh Ketch Restaurant. Cars parked illegally will be towed at the owner’s expense. On weekends, especially holiday and event weekends, we recommend using alternate transportation such as taxi’s, uber or carpool if possible as parking can be difficult. Traffic can be quite backed up turning a small 5-mile drive into 30-40 minutes. Give yourself ample time.

Head to the Rubicon Dock which is at the north end of the parking lot (furthest end from the parking lot entrance) to the right of the boat launch ramp and opposite from the Fresh Ketch restaurant. There will be a blue and white A-frame sign on the ground directing you to head down the dock. You will find Legend at the green gate, near Golden Rose, it is a bit of a walk. Use the map below for reference and call us if you are still having trouble (530) 422-7020